Fire Wall Fire Consultancy Projects

Assessment of fire resistance of large sandwich panel fire walls.

I was commissioned to determine what work should be done by a major UK panel panel test assembly by alex nov 04 001fabricator (Eurobond Laminates) of non-combustible internal fire walls in order for me to make an authoritative assessment of fire resistance of wall panels spanning horizontally approximately three times the largest ...

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Code Drafting Fire Consultancy Projects

Drafting DD 240 Fire Safety Engineering.

One of a small group contracted by DTI to develope this standard, the first UK standard on fire safety engineering.

Broadgate Phase 8, City of London

Assessment with other members of Steel Construction Industry Forum of the implications for steel structures following the major fire.

Client: Stanhope

Preparation of a draft code of practice for fire protection of steel in Brazil.

Client: UNIDO.(written with Malhota H ...

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Sandwich Panel Fire Consultancy Projects

A major chocolate manufacturer in the Midlands.

I was asked to give an expert professional opinion on whether or not a professional building designer should have been aware of a possible difficulty in insuring his client’s building because it contained sandwich panels with combustible plastic foam cores (expanded polystyrene) regarded as a fire risk by many insurers. I surveyed the building, reviewed the guidance literature in the public domain available to a designer at the time of design, and made my ...

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Flame and Fire Resistance Assessment Projects

Assessment of fire resistance of timber fire doors in large blocks of flats, London

My client, a letting agency, required an inspection of a sample of flat entrance doors to establish if they possessed the required half hour fire resistance etc. It was understood that a general fire risk assessment for the builidng had previously been undertaken and the risk assessor had correctly indicated that the flat entrance doors may not have the required fire performance.

There were 280 flats in the ...

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Defence Fire Consultancy

Rosyth Shipyard, Ministry of Defence, Glasgow

Site survey and assessment of fire resistance of fire wall containing complex composite steel stanchions.

Client: Comprehensive Design, Glasgow

Donnington Warehouse for storage of strategic defence supplies, Donnington.

Survey of buildings and advice on design of fire walls in the rebuilt building following the £165 million fire in 1983.

Client: Ministry of Defence

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Bridge Fire Consultancy

Broadwater Bridge, Worthing

Assessment of fire damage to prestressed concrete T-beams, proposals for tests and recommendations. This unusual job was important as the road was a busy A-route and traffic had to be restricted until I had made my report.

Client: West Sussex Engineering Consultancy

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Marina Fire Consultancy Projects

Brighton Marina, Brighton.

Assessment of potential threat of fire to users and inhabitants of the residential/office accommodation on the floating platforms.

Client: The Louis de Saissons Partnership, London

Seajet Terminal, Brighton Marina.

Assessment of fire resistance of glazed wall possibly subject to a fire in a Jetfoil craft 5 metres away.

Client: Dennis Lennon and Partners, London

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Transport Fire Consultancy Projects

London Underground Ltd escalator/travelator chambers, London

Following the Kings Cross fire disaster and the replacement of much combustible content, LUL wished to have an independent opinion on the appropriateness of its fire suppression system installed under escaltors. After making a survey of several stations I made calculations of fire load and made recommendations for revised sprinkler coverage for modern installations.

Client: Kingfell Fire Protection Ltd, London

Underground Station Lift Replacement, London

Assessment of possible structural failure of lift support structure and fire hazards (Bank, ...

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Car Park Fire Consultancy Projects

2-level car park at Milton Park, Abingdon

I gave an independent opinion on the fire consultant’s design fire and calculations of thermal radiation for the car park which was near a site boundary. I made additional calculations from first principles to show that the car park was at a safe distance from the adjoining building.

Client:Vale of White Horse District Council, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Pydor Road multi-storey car park.

Assessment of fire hazard of teak palings.

Client: Building Control, Truro, Cornwall, 1985.

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