High Tech Unit Fire Consultancy Projects

Nortel Networks Ltd London, Telecommunications Headquarters, New Southgate, London.

I was commissioned by the Building Control Department to check fire safety strategy, building design, construction and commissioning of this £35m office and telecommunications complex. I was responsible for checking means of escape, compartmentation, fire detection and alarms, fire suppression systems, cause and effect schedules, emergency lighting and signage, witnessing commissioning tests and verifying practical completion in terms of fire safety. Architect: Tebbot and Wells, High Wycombe, Bucks. Fire Consultant: IFC Ltd, ...

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Educational Fire Consultancy Projects

Fire safety and structural impact advice on archives strong room in the prestigious Eton College, Eton.

The client wished to have an independent assessment of the current archives strong room which formed part of this prestigious and important building. The strong room, which was of massive construction, contained some very valuable documents including a priceless copy of the Guttenberg bible. The assessment, instigated by the insurer, would need to ...

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Shop Fire Consultancy

Centre Court, Brent Cross shopping centre, North London.

Centre court, forming the intersection of four shopping malls in this 2-storey extensive shopping centre, was previously a sterile area except for a feature fountain, a wall climbing lift and escalators. The developer proposed to remove the fountain and install three retail display kiosks. There were two parts to my work. First, to check that the smoke extract management system would cope with a 10MW fire on the floor below the dome extraction, ...

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Advice on fire protection of cast iron beams and columns in top storey of large Grade 2 listed brewery building being refurbished as offices, Burton-on-Trent.

This three-storey building was constructed in the mid 19th century as a brewery. It is very robust and structurally over-designed for its new speculative use which includes the upper storey as offices of variable size. It is approximately 120m long by 32m wide. The external walls are 70cm (27inches) thick. Circular hollow cast iron columns ...

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Audit of refurbishment work on 5-storey offices, Park Street, London WC1.

My inspection of the building undergoing refurbishment revealed several defects in the structural fire precautions: first, horizontal cavity fire barriers had not been installed in the service riser to prevent upwards fire spread, and this was regarded as a serious omission as the service riser was within the only staircase available for occupant escape from upper storeys. Fire which emanated in the riser (which contained electrical risks) or broke into it from the accommodation at a lower level could travel ...

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Office Projects

Doxford International office complex, Sunderland.

Advice and recommendations on the use of unprotected steel lintels.

Client: Aukett Associates, Architects and Engineers, London, 1996


GPO Office Building, Belfast.

Advice on drencher protection of external wall opposite Thompson’s Mill.

Client: Department of Finance, Belfast, 1977.


Chase Manhattan Bank, London.

Advice on effect of large bending moment on concrete-filled columns.

Client: Pell Frischmann & Partners, 1985


Dublin Bank, Irish Republic

I was asked to check the fire engineer’s calculations of fire severity and passive fire protection of external steel hangers supporting the floors. ...

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Three-storey house in Chatsworth Road, London NW2

My female client had bought a flat from a developer which featured open plan on first and second floors. Building Control was not happy with the internal planning layout as the staircase was not enclosed. She wanted an alternative solution that would both satisfy the inspector and not compromise the aesthetics of the flat. I was asked to inspect the building and recommend remedial measures. By the careful addition of an active fire barrier and some minor structural alterations the building ...

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Fire precautions in 5-storey house, South Hill Park, Hampstead, London NW3

At short notice I was asked to inspect the open plan basement planning in this prestigious house undergoing conversion and prepare a letter for submission to building control to resolve whether or not an active fire barrier should be employed near the foot of the single stairs. I was able to argue that a preferred method of providing compartmentation would be to greatly improve the compartmentation at the head of the basement flight, and this was accepted. Further advice is ...

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