Grove Lodge flats conversion, London N3

My client, a building developer, was at an advanced stage of converting a large lodge into several flats over three storeys. There were difficulties in the internal planning due to the need to adopt open planning because of the small footprint, a difficulty compounded by the lack of any openings in the upper most room which could be used as a fire escape window. I was commissioned to inspect the building and make remedial recommendations. I used the guidance in ...

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Advice on fire safety of third storey flat in South End Green, Hampstead, London NW3

I was asked to comment on the need for a fire resisting flat entrance door for this upper storey flat. The door was historic and the client did not wish to replace it if not essential. As the flat was the uppermost flat a fire emanating there would not threaten flats lower down and by this logic the need for a fire rated door was avoided. Advice was also given on smoke and heat detection in the flat and a ...

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Assessment of fire safety in proposed sleeping/rest pods

I was commissioned to discuss the fire safety aspects of this design of pod which could be installed in buildings, e.g. hostels, to provide a secure private place for temporary rest or sleep. The design was based on a 2m long horizontal cylinder with double doors at one end for access by one person; they can be stacked on top of each other, each having fixed ladder access for the uppermost occupant. I considered all the fire safety aspects and, bearing ...

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Conversion of multi-storey offices in Red Lion Square, London

At very short notice I was asked to inspect the means of escape in a single staircase existing large office building which was to be converted into residential accommodation. The existing building relied on a reciprocal escape arrangement via the roof by agreement with owners of the building next door, a common arrangement in London decades ago. I inspected both buildings and subsequently made several observations to the developer which included the following: basement and upper storeys stairs were continuous and ...

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Fire safety strategy for 3-storey town house in Forest Hill, South East London.

The client (a chartered Building Surveyor) wished to discuss a fire safety strategy for the house alterations which would involve open-plan on the ground floor. He needed a solution that would gain building control approval. We met and discussed the plans. I suggested that the following fire precautions would be needed: a) sprinklers to BS 9251 but only at ground floor level, perhaps fed solely by gravity from roof top storage tank, b) fire detection and alarm system in whole of property ...

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Fire risk assessment for a 2-storey block of 8 flat units in Mount Pleasant, Alperton, Wembley, Middlesex.

I was asked to make a Fire Risk Assessment of the common parts comprising the hall, staircase and corridors. The assessment was made and reported. I made recommendations for improvements to the fire precautions and pointed out the main responsibilities of the nominated Responsible Person who was the Company Secretary. This assessment again highlighted the difficulty of making an assessment of the common parts when it is clear that the fire precautions within individual flats impact of the fire precautions ...

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Advice on fire safety in a 5-storey block of flats in Leinster Square, London.

In this single staircase building of 6-storeys (including basement) the means of escape had been physically altered by the action of one of the flat owners. The lease was examined and advice given on the regulatory position (the Buildng Regulations and the RRFSO) and recommendations given on the remedy. The bulding was inspected and recommendations made for essential improvements in the passive fire precautions and recommendations were also made for fire detection and alarm systems

Client: a lease holder and owner ...

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Inspection of timber fire doors in a very large blocks of flats near Marble Arch, Edgware Road, North London

My client, a letting agency, required an inspection of a sample of flat entrance doors to establish if they possessed the required half hour fire resistance etc. It was understood that a general fire risk assessment for the builidng had previously been undertaken and the risk assessor had correctly indicated that the flat entrance doors may not have the required fire performance.

There were 280 flats in the 1930′s complex (perhaps the largest of its kind in London) and the initial ...

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