4-storey house refurbishment, Flood Street, Chelsea.


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 16.05.11Initially my brief was to comment on a quotation for a watermist system and I was able to identify a more economical AWFS system saving more than £10k and I also suggested a revised area coverage. I was also asked to comment on the building control officer’s comments on the project, which I did.
I suggested an aspirating fire detection system as an alternative to point smoke detectors. There was confusion over the fire resistance requirements for the floor and staircase enclosing elements because the uppermost floor was more than 7.5 m above ground level, and I also gave advice on suitable intumescent protection to exposed structural steelwork, and advice on stairhead smoke clearance vent etc. This was all fed into a revised building control approval application by the architect.

Client: property owner.