Investigation of smoke extract system in prestigious hotel in Southwark, London


IMG_4516This new high specification hotel had recently been commissioned. There were three ballrooms side by side each roughly similar in size within the basement. One ballroom was nominally 17m by10m in plan area, and 6.2m high floor to ceiling. When the folding dividing walls are retracted the area becomes nominally 17m by 30m. Each ballroom could be closed off at one end by folding ...

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Hotel Fire Consultancy Projects

Advice on fire protection offered by door in a hotel in the harbour, Aberystwyth.

A fire doorset had been installed by a contractor but not in accordance with BS 8214:1990. Having examined the plans I was able to argue that, in the particular planning context, the doorset need not be replaced without leading to an unacceptable risk to life.

Client: James Jenkins Thomas, Architects, Aberystwyth, Wales

Refurbishment of 6-storey hotel, Nottingham Place, London WC

This rundown property in a prestigious area had a single ...

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