Entertainment Fire Consultancy Projects

Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London

I gave assistance with the specification of fire scenarios, means of escape strategy and application for building approval for the six 2/3 storey core units in this 300m diameter, 50m high, 12-masted unique building (the largest dome in the world) now renamed The O2 arena.

Client: FEDRA, Buro Happold

Tally Ho Arts Centre and Community Focus, North London

Late in the construction of this multi-function complex it became clear that parts of the Arts Centre would be used by many more wheelchair-disabled people than the design had catered for (perhaps as many as 25 in Community Focus and occasionally 12 in the studio theatre) – the design did incorporate a number of refuges but these were at upper storeys. Having a good knowledge of the fire safety strategy and building systems, and having attended a fire drill, I was commissioned to look at improved and faster ways of evacuating wheelchair users out of the building in the event of a fire or bomb scare. Several practical options were considered which included the use of the scenery lift for nominally 12 wheelchair users near or in the studio theatre but this would discharge occupants into the bus concourse and would require the installation of a ramp or platform lift. The preferred option, agreed with the fire service, however, was to make the passenger lifts at the entrance to the Arts Centre and a passenger lift in a protected lobby near the studio theatre safely usable in a fire emergency by providing them with an alternative electrical power supply and other measures. The cause and effect arrangement would then be changed in the addressable fire detection and alarm system and arrangements made so that electronically secured doors across fire escape corridors were accessible when wheelchair users were in the building.

Client: Barnet Environmental Agency

For further information see ‘multi-use complex’

Summerland Sports and Leisure Centre, Isle of Man

I made an assessment of fire performance of the glass reinforced plastic (GRP) clad external wall and the fire stopping on the rebuilt design after the Summerland fire disaster. Click here for brief information on the disaster

Client: Ministry of Finance, Belfast

Earls Court II Exhibition Hall, London

I made an audit of the building services engineer’s calculations for the smoke control system. This involved examining the design fire scenario chosen and deciding if the smoke fill time was acceptable. Considerations were fire fighter’s search time in the first floor gallery and also the effect, at fire inception, of ambient air movement on the smoke plume and the effect this might have on the time of smoke detection and alarm.

Client: Bovis Construction

Grand Opera House, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Assessment of fire resistance of cantilevered stage floor.

Client: Robert McKinstry, Belfast

Government International Conference Centre, Westminster.

Advice on fire protection to Macalloy bars used to suspend floors.

Client: Property Services Agency, London, 1979.

BBC Local Radio, Nottingham.

Assessment of fire behaviour of ductwork.

Client: BBC Building Services Unit, London

The Round House, Great Bowden, Leic.

Assessment of fire resistance of cast iron columns.

Client: Bilson and Green, Leicester