Fire advice on block of 8 flats in Ruislip

I was asked to comment on some plans by a developer. The following comments don’t make sense without the plans and are only given to indicate the nature of ‘quick’ comments that may be made.

“I have now looked at plans. General point is that, wherever possible, kitchens should be located furthest away from flat entrance door. In some flats they are not. Common parts look OK except for escape ‘balcony’ for Flat E occupants mentioned below.
Some problem areas are:
Flat F has no kitchen door.
Flat D has bedroom as an inner room and person would have difficulty getting out if kitchen fire occurs.
Flat D appears to have glazed portion on the escape route from Flat E. Unless this is fire resisting insulated glazing this is unacceptable – occupants of E cannot escape if fire in D is radiating through its window onto the escape route.
Flat A again fire in kitchen could immediately smoke log sitting room.
Also some flats have no entrance lobby, others do.
Where are heat and smoke detectors positioned?
Were these the drawings used for building approval?
Can I assume all flat entrance doors are FD30S with automatic self closers.”

Client: confidential