Independent review of the need to upgrade the new MDF enclosures to risers in residential blocks Michael Cliffe House and Patrick Coman House in Finsbury Estate.

IMG_7645Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 16.10.53I examined on site the newly completed riser enclosures and proximity of the open balconies and configuration of the lobby/staircase arrangement on floors of MC House and floor of PC House. I received copies of the plans of MC House and as-installed drawing providing a section through a floor showing typical fire stopping around the water-filled steel risers. I understood there was no fire safety strategy report for the buildings which might have clarified, for the contractor, what was needed in terms of spread of flame. I came to the conclusion that it was unnecessary to further treat the riser enclosures with flame retardant paint.

Client: EMS (Engineering Maintenance Services Ltd) London