Industrial Fire Consultancy Projects

Metal fabrication factory in North Yorks

I carried out a fire risk assessment of the building with particular reference to the combustible linings present, and gave recommendations for remedial work.

Client: via an Insurance Broker.

Thompson’s Mill, Belfast

Advice on dust explosion hazard, explosion relief and fire resistance requirements at high level bearing in mind close proximity of GPO building.

Client: Ministry of Finance, Northern Ireland

British Leyland Aluminium Foundry.

Advice on fire protection of unprotected steel crane runway beams attached to protected steelwork.

Client: White Young and Partners, Leeds.

Clayhill Industrial Estate, Woodford Green.

Assessment of need to fire protect wind bracing in portal framed building.

Client: Clarke Nicholls and Marcel, Hammersmith, London, 1982.

Orbit framed structure.

Assessment of proposed Class Relaxation.

Client: Scottish Development Department, Edinburgh.

Unit No. 10, Stadium Estate, Luton.

Advice on fire wall separating office from warehouse in portal framed building.

Client: Van der Beek, Consulting Engineers, Ashford.

Steel portal frames.

Advice on how an external wall on or near a site boundary can achieve sufficient fire resistance such that it remains sensibly vertical to act as a heat shield to neighbouring property.

Client: Building Control and steel designers, 1976 onwards

Unknown project

Advice on the behaviour in fire of a compartment wall not coincident with columns supporting roof trusses.

Client: John Pryke and Partners, Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers, Waltham Abbey, 1996