Mews house in Ebery Mews, Belgravia

ebery mewsThis 4-storey house was being redeveloped to include a basement storey and this resulted in a means of escape problem because part of the single staircase would be unprotected adjacent to the front door at ground level. The small footprint of the building meant that, to satisfy building regulation guidance, valuable space would be taken up with partitions and doors and this was unacceptable to the client. Various options were examined including retractable fire and smoke curtains but the most suitable option was a water mist system (sprinklers would require a water storage volume that could not be accommodated). I inspected the building with my client and the project manager and recommended a partial coverage water mist system and this was accepted by the building control authority. I also gave advice on the use of fire rated, automatically self-closing sliding fire doors.

Client: building owner.