Multi-occupancy trading Bazaar in London’s East End

This fascinating 3-storey building is occupied by very many different IMG_2468trades, with a large grocery on the ground floor. I was initially asked to give advice on an escape corridor at the rear of the building which, on the ground storey, had the final part at risk from adjoining concessions (small shops/offices) within the building. I inspected the building with the owner and gave the required advice. I also pointed out that the building needed a fire safety strategy and a formal fire risk assessment under the RRFSO 2005. I provided example format and list of report contents for the owner to think about. Fortunately there are no known sleeping risks in the building but even so it is necessary to confirm by test that the fire detection and alarm systems and emergency lighting systems operate and ideally all redundant cables and fire panels etc should be removed. I also advised that,
In view of the multiple occupancy, it would be very sensible to have all the electrical power, gas if any, and lighting circuits checked for safety.

Client: Bow village Ltd