Private Appartment, 15 Portman Square, Mayfair, London, W1

This prestigious 11 storey residential building has an open internal courtyard which contains a conventional steel fire escape stair which serves all storeys. There is also an internal stair for everyday use alongside an electric passenger lift, both serving all floors. There is a dry rising main near the external fire escape. The District Surveyor had reservations about the proposed removal of a smoke lobby and also the efficacy of escape onto a roof using a retractable loft ladder. By making a survey of the building and making a careful examination of all the proposed alterations I was able to show that, if some additional modifications were made, a lobby was effectively formed in the internal layout of the apartment and that roof escape was viable. My report was submitted to the DS and the recommendations accepted, avoiding the use of residential sprinklers.

Client: MDesign, Interior Designers, London.