Sandwich Panel Fire Consultancy Projects

A major chocolate manufacturer in the Midlands.

I was asked to give an expert professional opinion on whether or not a professional building designer should have been aware of a possible difficulty in insuring his client’s building because it contained sandwich panels with combustible plastic foam cores (expanded polystyrene) regarded as a fire risk by many insurers. I surveyed the building, reviewed the guidance literature in the public domain available to a designer at the time of design, and made my report to the bulding owner.

Client: Confidential

Three-storey prestigious new office complex, Newport, South Wales.

I was asked to give an expert professional opinion on the insurability of the building which originally contained composite panels with plastic foam cores (wall panels had expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores and the roof panels had polyurethane foam (PUR) cores. These panels were replaced with panels having non-combustible cores of mineral wool, leading to delays in project completion and added costs. The client wanted to know if the designer/specifier of the original panels should have been aware of a possible difficulty in getting insurance cover so that a change to a panel construction acceptable to the insurer could have been made at an earlier stage. I prepared a detailed report.

Client: Broadhall Hampton Ltd

Walkers Midshire Foods Ltd, Leicester

I made a Formal fire risk assessment under the Workplace regulations of three adjacent sites involving 100 rooms,engaged in seasoning, sausage production, and processing ham.The concept of the premises employs ‘boxes’ of temperature and hygeine controlled sandwich panel construction erected inside the normal fabric of the buildings. The main fire hazards were electrical risks and arson. Suggestions for improvements were made.

Client: Samworth Group

Various manufacturers.

Advice on product development to several panel/core manufacturers in the UK , Finland, and New Zealand.