Warehouse Fire Consultancy Projects

Costco Warehouse, St Rollox, Glasgow

Review of life safety features including consideration of effectiveness of finger-corridor on means of escape.

Client: Price Costco, Watford

Grattan Warehouse, Lister Hills, Bradford.

Assessment of fire resistance of tall fire walls (in this, Europe’s largest warehouse at the time), recommendations for fire test to obtain thermal bowing data, audit of Fire Safety Engineer’s recommendations and survey of building during construction.

Client: Bowring Risk Management Ltd.

Welham Green warehouse, Herts

Assessment of mode of failure of precast concrete portal framed warehouse outside which a fire fighter was killed by falling construction

International Stores Depot, Farnborough

I made a survey of the building and advice on the design of new 2 hour fire wall including flexible fire stopping and means to accommodate unsympathetic thermal bowing in steel columns.

Client: Keith Hiley Associates, Richmond, Surrey

Bablake Wines Ltd New Warehouse and Office Buildings.

Assessment of effect of unprotected steelwork on stability of building.

Client: T O’Neill, Architect, Coventry.

Clayhill Industrial Estate, Woodford Green.

Assessment of need to fire protect wind bracing in portal framed building.

Client: Clarke Nicholls and Marcel, Hammersmith, London.

Lowfield Warehouse, Radlett.

Assessment of a) fire performance of columns surrounded by high rack storage and b) time to failure of whole structure.

Client: Peter Hill and Partners, Wimbledon

Extension to Ivatt Way Warehouse.

Assessment of fire performance of precast wall panels.

Client: Scott Brownrigg and Turner