Fire risk assessment, Thurlow road, Hampstead, London.

A fire risk assessment was required under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and was made on this four-storey house converted into separately owned flats served by a single staircase, and a report was prepared. After a survey of the common parts and the insides of the flats, recommendations were made for a fire detection and alarm system that would give early warning (while minimising false alarms) of fire in the flats thus giving sufficient time for escape down the staircase. The need for emergency lighting and fire extinguishers was marginal, but some constructional work would be necessary to prevent fire from a lower flat breaking into the staircase through a glazed portion cutting off people in the uppermost flats. The need for fire and smoke seals on some doors, and upgrading work on cupboards within the staircase, was identified. Written guidance was given on the maintenance and testing of the active and passive fire protection systems.

Note. The landlord of flats or houses of multiple occupation are at risk of heavy fines if a fire risk assessment has not been made and the fire safety precautions are inadequate.

Client: Private owners